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Leading The Cannabis Revolution

One of the strongest EIS offers you'll see this year now available

Grow Biotech P.L.C allows you to access a unique market which is completely new to the UK. The market dynamics appear extremely favourable and the target return is attractive. Grow Biotech is focused on creating game-changing Intellectual Property in the fastest growing industry in the world, Medical Cannabis.

They are a cannabis biotech company with a uniquely global and nimble approach to cannabis science. This means constantly assessing the global-cannabis commercial and scientific landscape and only deploying their research capabilities to address the most exciting opportunities with the greatest scientific, medical and commercial potential.




Grow Biotech is uniquely positioned as one of the few cannabis IP asset development focused companies in the world and particularly one of only a handful with an international focus


Grow Biotech is building a diversified portfolio of cannabis-focused IP assets across brands, products, stains, and medical & process patents. Grow Biotech is also seeking to ensure that it has a truly global footprint and that it is not overly reliant on one market or one IP asset in particular

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Global medical cannabis sales are estimated to be growing at a combined annual growth rate of around 50% from 2016 to 2020. Legal medical cannabis is currently the fastest growing market in the world and is undergoing rapid change as new countries legalise cannabis.


Target return of £50 per £1 invested (not guaranteed)


Up to 50% income tax and capital gains tax relief. Remember tax rules can change and benefits depend on circumstances.

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There is increasing acceptance of the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and this has created strong momentum behind the legalisation drive. Israel is probably the world leader in terms of cannabis R&D, particularly focused on its medicinal benefits. The U.S. is one of many countries that is on a trend towards liberalisation of its cannabis laws. Other large countries are also gradually liberalising their laws, in addition to the 28 U.S. states and Canada, 12 EU countries have now legalised medical cannabis

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To be able to deal with your enquiry effectively we will need to contact you via telephone and/or email. By enquiring below you consent to us contacting you via these methods.

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